MOANA PAKIPIKA also comes from the Hawaiian language, MOANA means the ocean, and PAKIPIKA means the Pacific Ocean. When you think of me, just listen quietly to the voice of nature, and you will hear my eternal blessing to you
(no na kau a kau)...

Each MOANA PAKIPIKA fragrance name comes from the beaches of the Hawaiian Islands. Each island is like a gem in the vast Pacific Ocean, and each beach on the island has its own beauty. Follow MOANA PAKIPIKA to explore each
The beauty of the sandy beach…

No matter what language, skin color, culture or place of residence, we share the same sun, air, and water. The vast ocean connects our emotions closely, sticking to the earth, feeling the pulsation of the stratum, embracing the sea, and listening to the breath of the ocean; So my friend~ When you think of me, just listen to the voice of nature quietly, that is my deep blessing to you, past, present, and eternity.
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